"The art of hat making" is a photographic book created by the photographer Giovanni Previdi, who takes readers on an enchanting journey through the history of Italian fashion. It is a captivating photographic book created through the lens of the Polaroid SX-70, immortalizing the ancient craft of Cappellificio Cervo, a historic institution that has its roots in 1897.

Previdi delves into the heart of Cappellificio Cervo, documenting the intricate process of hat production with particular attention to the skilled artisans whose experience has been refined over generations. The setting is the backdrop of Valle Cervo in the province of Biella, where pristine waters play a fundamental role in creating both everyday and high-fashion hats for iconic luxury brands, in addition to the historic brand Barbisio.

In a world dominated by fast-fashion, "The art of hat making" is important to remind us of the importance of time and quality. Like his Polaroids, each hat is the result of work done with love, reflecting the art of patience and perfection, contrasting the frantic rhythms of the last century.

Information about Giovanni Previdi: Originally from Bologna, Giovanni Previdi's passion for photography started when he purchased his SX-70 Land camera.

Fascinated by the unique nature of instant photography, Previdi predominantly uses instant or film cameras to capture evocative images. His exceptional work has been published in Italy's leading daily newspaper, Corriere della Sera, as well as in the official Polaroid book (Chronicle Chroma, Los Angeles 2021) and Vogue. Particularly, his portraits have been exhibited at the international photographic exhibition Image Nation in Milan (2022).

The book THE ART OF HAT-MAKING represents the latest testament to the author's dedication to preserving and celebrating the enduring legacy of the art of hat making. This visually impactful book is a must for fashion enthusiasts, history lovers, and anyone who appreciates the art hidden behind each meticulously handcrafted hat.

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